Heart – Little Queen (1977)

Little Queen is the second album by American hard-rock band Heart, released in 1977 on Portrait.

A1. “Barracuda” (4:20)
A2. “Love Alive” (4:21)
A3. “Sylvan Song” (2:12)
A4. “Dream of the Archer” (4:30)
A5. “Kick It Out” (2:44)
B1. “Little Queen” (5:10)
B2. “Treat Me Well” (3:24)
B3. “Say Hello” (3:36)
B4. “Cry to Me” (2:51)
B5. “Go On Cry” (5:52)

Ann Wilson — lead vocals, flute
Nancy Wilson — acoustic guitar, vocals, lead vocals, autoharp, mandolin, electric guitar, piano, blues harp
Steve Fossen — bass
Michael Derosier — drums, percussion, tabla, tympanum, chimes
Howard Leese — lead guitar, Solina, Mellotron, acoustic guitar, grand piano, mandolin, piano, moog bass taurus, vocals, guitar, electric guitar
Roger Fisher — lead guitar, mandolin, electric guitar

Mike Flicker — producer, engineer

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