Heart ‎– Bébé le Strange (1980)

Bébé le Strange is the fourth proper studio album by American hard-rockers Heart, released in 1980 on Epic.

A1. “Bébé le Strange” (3:38)
A2. “Down on Me” (4:46)
A3. “Silver Wheels” (1:22)
A4. “Break” (2:32)
A5. “Rockin Heaven Down” (5:52)
B1. “Even It Up” (5:10)
B2. “Strange Night” (4:16)
B3. “Raised on You” (3:21)
B4. “Pilot” (3:15)
B5. “Sweet Darlin” (3:18)

Ann Wilson — lead vocals, tambourine, bass, backup vocals, drums, alto flute, acoustic guitar, piano, producer
Nancy Wilson — guitar, electric guitar, rhythm guitar, backup vocals, lead guitar, acoustic guitar, lead vocals, all instruments, Mellotron, producer
Sue Ennis — guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, producer
Howie — acoustic guitar, producer
Mike Flicker — producer, engineer
Connie — producer, acoustic guitar
Rob Perkins — engineer
John Golden — mastering
Chrissy Shefts — guitar
Howard Leese — guitar, lead guitar, electric guitar, backup vocals, rhythm guitar, synthesizer, keyboards
Michael Derosier — drums, percussion
Steve Fossen — bass
The Wild Angel Chorus — backup vocals
Don Wilhelm — backup vocals
Gary Humphreys — backup vocals
The Tower of Power Horn Section — horns
Lenny Pickett — horns
Greg Adams — horns
Emilio Castillo — horns
Steve Kupka — horns
Mic Gillette — horns

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