Hazel O’Connor ‎– Sons and Lovers (1980)

Sons and Lovers is the second album by English New Wave vocalist/performance artist Hazel O’Connor, released in 1980 on Ariola/A&M.

A1. “D-Days” (3:09)
A2. “Waiting” (2:33)
A3. “Who Will Care?” (3:19)
A4. “Zoo” (4:32)
A5. “Gigolo” (2:44)
A6. “Do What You Do” (4:36)
B1. “Sons and Lovers” (4:37)
B2. “Glass Houses” (3:19)
B3. “Ain’t It Funny” (3:58)
B4. “Danny Boy” (2:30)
B5. “Bye Bye” (3:18)
B6. “Time Ain’t on Our Side” (3:17)

Hazel O’Connor — lead vocals
Gary Tibbs — bass
Neil O’Connor — guitar
Andy Qunta — keyboards
Eddie Case — drums
Wesley Magoogan — saxophone

Nigel Gray — producer

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