Hatfield and the North ‎– Hatfield and the North (1974)

Hatfield and the North is the first of two albums by the namesake Canterburian jazz-rock ensemble, released in 1974 on Virgin.

A1. “The Stubbs Effect” (0:22)
A2. “Big Jobs (Poo Poo Extract)” (0:36)
A3. “Going Up to People and Tinkling” (2:25)
A4. “Calyx” (2:45)
A5. “Son of ‘There’s No Place Like Homerton’” (10:10)
A6. “Aigrette” (1:37)
A7. “Rifferama” (2:56)
B1. “Fol De Rol” (3:07)
B2. “Shaving Is Boring” (8:45)
B3. “Licks for the Ladies” (2:37)
B4. “Bossa Nochance” (0:40)
B5. “Big Jobs No. 2 (By Poo Poo and the Wee Wees)” (2:14)
B6. “Lobster in Cleavage Probe” (3:57)
B7. “Gigantic Land Crabs in Earth Takeover Bid” (3:21)
B8. “The Other Stubbs Effect” (0:38)

Richard Sinclair — vocals, bass guitar (A2-A7, B1-B7), writer
Phil Miller — guitar, writer, acoustic guitar
Pip Pyle — drums, percussion, sound effects, writer
Dave Stewart — noise generator, Minimoog, hohner pianet, Hammond organ, piano, fender rhodes electric piano, writer

The Northettes:
Amanda Parsons — vocals
Barbara Gaskin — vocals
Ann Rosenthal — vocals

Geoff Leigh — tenor saxophone, flute
Jeremy Baines — glockenspiel, flute
Robert Wyatt — vocals
The North — arranger
Didier Malherbe — tenor saxophone
Cyrille Ayers — vocals
Sam Ellidge — voice
Tom Newman — engineer

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