Harvey Mason – Earth Mover (1976)

Earth Mover is the second album by American jazz-funk percussionist/composer Harvey Mason, released in 1976 on Arista.

A1. “K.Y. and the Curb” (4:56)
A2. “Sho Nuff Groove” (3:56)
A3. “The Mase” (4:10)
A4. “Sweet Mercy” (5:49)
B1. “Earthmover Prelude” (0:57)
B2. “Bertha Baptist” (5:43)
B3. “First Summer” (6:10)
B4. “No Lands Man” (4:22)
B5. “When I’m With You (Live Version)” (4:25)

Harvey Mason — drums, producer, timpani, bells, chimes, vibraphone, vocals, lead vocals, background vocals, composer
Lee Ritenour — guitar, electric guitar
Greg Phillinganes — electric piano, piano
Paul Smith — piano, organ
Michael McGloiry — guitar
Keith Hatchel — bass
Seawind Horns — horns
Larry Williams — alto saxophone, flute, piccolo, electric piano, piano
Kim Hutchcroft — tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone, flute
Jerry Hey — trumpet, flugelhorn, vocals
Kenny Mason — trumpet, synthesizer, vocals, composer
Bruce Fowler — trombone
Sally Mason — trombone
Louis Johnson — guitar, bass, background vocals, composer
Merry Clayton — background vocals
Jerry Peters — synthesizer, piano, background vocals, composer
Ian Underwood — synthesizer
Harvey Jay “Hoppy” Mason — ARP Solina string ensemble
Ernie Watts — tenor saxophone, alto saxophone
Patrice Rushen — piano, electric piano
Kenny Wild — bass
Anthony Jackson — bass guitar
Jan Hammer — mini moog, composer
Ray Parker — guitar
Mike Simbello — guitar
James Jamerson — bass
Charles Veal — violin, concertmaster
Haim Shtrum — violin
Jay Rosen — violin
Arthur Royval — violin
Thomas Buffum — viola
David Cambell — viola
Dennis Karmazyn — cello
Bob Wilson — composer

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