Harry Nilsson ‎– Son of Schmilsson (1972)

Son of Schmilsson is the sixth proper album by American singer/songwriter Harry Nilsson, released in 1972 on RCA Victor.

A1. “Take 54” (4:22)
A2. “Remember (Christmas)” (4:07)
A3. “Joy” (3:42)
A4. “Turn On Your Radio” (2:42)
A5. “You’re Breakin’ My Heart” (3:10)
B1. “Spaceman” (3:33)
B2. “The Lottery Song” (2:24)
B3. “At My Front Door” (2:46)
B4. “Ambush” (5:35)
B5. “I’d Rather Be Dead” (3:20)
B6. “The Most Beautiful World in the World” (3:33)

Harry Nilsson – vocals, electric piano (A1, A5, B1, B4), acoustic guitar (A4)
Nicky Hopkins – piano (A1–B3, B6)
Klaus Voormann – bass (A1, A3–B1, B3, B6), saxophone (A1, A5), electric guitar (B2)
Ringo Starr (credited as Richie Snare) – drums (A1, B1, B3, B4, B6)
Peter Frampton – electric guitar (A3–B1, B3, B4), acoustic guitar (B2)
Chris Spedding – bouzouki (A2), electric guitar (B1, B3, B4), acoustic guitar (B2)
Milt Holland – percussion (A1, B2)
Jim Price – trumpet (A1, A5, B4), horn arrangements (B4)
Bobby Keys – trumpet (A1, A5, B4), tenor saxophone (B3, B4), trombone (B4)
Lowell George – guitar (A1)
Del Newman – string arrangements (A2, B6)
Pop Arts String Quartet – strings (A2)
John Uribe – acoustic guitar (A3, B2), electric guitar (B1, B4)
Red Rhodes – pedal steel guitar (A3)
Ray Cooper – percussion (A3, B2, B6), congas (B3), tambourine (B4)
Kirby Johnson – horn arrangements (A4, B6)
Richard Mackey – tuben/French horn (A4)
Vincent DeRosa – tuben/French horn (A4)
David Duke – tuben/French horn (A4)
George Harrison – slide guitar (A5)
Barry Morgan – drums (A5)
Paul Buckmaster – orchestral arrangement (B1)
Richard Perry – percussion (B1, B6), arrangements (B6)
Senior Citizens of the Stepney & Pinner Choir Club No. B1, London, England – choir (B5)
The Henry Krein Quartet with Klaus Voormann – rhythm section (B5)
Henry Krein – accordion (B5)
Paul Keogh – guitar (B6)
Les Thatcher – guitar (B6)

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