Harry Beckett ‎– Flare Up (1970)

Flare Up is an album by Barbadian jazz trumpeter Harry Beckett, released in 1970 on Philips.

A1. “Flare Up” (4:01)
A2. “Go West” (6:34)
A3. “Where Fortune Smiles” (3:36)
A4. “Scarlet Mine” (3:53)
A5. “Third Road” (5:29)
B1. “Flow Stream Flow” (3:43)
B2. “The Other Side” (4:02)
B3. “Rolly’s Tune” (6:18)
B4. “Fool’s Play” (6:30)

Harry Beckett — trumpet, flugelhorn, composer, arranger
John Surman — baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone, composer, arranger
Frank Ricotti — vibraphone, congas
Chris Laurence — bass
John Webb — drums
Mike Osborne — alto saxophone
Alan Skidmore — saxophone, tenor saxophone
John Taylor — piano, electric piano
Graham Collier — arranger (A2, A5, B2, B3)

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