Harmonium – Les Cinq Saisons (1975)

Les Cinq Saisons is the second album by Quebecois symphonic/folk band Harmonium, released in 1975 on Celebration Records.

A1. “Vert” (5:34)
A2. “Dixie” (3:26)
A3. “Depuis l’automne” (10:25)
B1. “En Pleine Face” (4:51)
B2. “Histoires sans Paroles” (17:12)

Serge Fiori — vocals, guitar, 12-string guitar, transverse flute, mandolin, zither, cymbals, bass drum, spoons, music, lyrics
Michel Normandeau — guitar, vocals, accordion, dulcimer, music, lyrics
Louis Valois — bass guitar, electric piano, vocals
Pierre Daigneault — transverse flute, piccolo, soprano saxophone, bass clarinet, recorder
Serge Locat — piano, electric piano, Mellotron, synthesizer

Harmonium — production, arrangements
Peter Burns — production, engineer, mixing
R.A. (Bob) Morten — executive producer
Nelson Vipond — mixing
Fred Torak — arrangements
Louis-Pierre Bougie — art
Yves Ladouceur — artistic director
Marie Bernard — ondes Martenot
Judy Richard — vocals

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