Hanson – Now Hear This (1973)

Now Hear This is the first of two albums by English/Afro-Caribbean funk combo Hanson, released in 1973 on ELP‘s Manticore label.

A1. “Traveling Like a Gypsy” (6:15)
A2. “Love Knows Everything” (3:08)
A3. “Mister Music Maker” (4:27)
A4. “Catch That Beat” (3:48)
A5. “Take You Into My Home” (3:11)
B1. “Gospel Truth” (5:03)
B2. “Rain” (5:10)
B3. “Smokin’ to the Big ‘M’” (9:53)

Backing Vocals – Bob Tench (A2, B1, B2), Godfrey McClean (A2), Jimmy Thomas (A5, B1, B2), Junior Hanson (A2, A5)
Bass – Clive Chaman (A1, A3 to B1, B4), Lyle Harper (A2), Junior Hanson (B2)
Congas – Rebop
Drums – Conrad Isidore (A1, A3 to B3), Godfrey McClean (A2)
Electric Piano, Organ, Clavinet, Synthesizer [Mini-moog] – Jean Russell
Flute – Chris Wood (A3)
Guitar – Bob Tench (A4), Junior Hanson
Mastered By – Dennis King
Performer [Superstring] – Jimmy Thomas
Piano – Jean Russell (B1), Ken Cumberpatch (A4)
Producer – Mario Medious
Recorded By – John Burns
Recorded By [Assistant] – Phil Ault
Vocals – Junior Hanson

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