Hans Koller / Wolfgang Dauner ‎– Kunstkopfindianer (1974)

Kunstkopfindianer is a jazz-rock collaborative effort between Austrian saxist Hans Koller and German pianist Wolfgang Dauner, released in 1974 on MPS. The pair are backed on this recording by bassist Adelhard Roidinger, drummer Janusz Stefański, and violinist Zbigniew Seifert — all of whom receive headlining credits.

A1. “Kunstkopfindianer” (9:04)
A2. “Suomi” (2:34)
A3. “Nom” (6:29)
B1. “Ulla M. & 22/8” (11:50 — :01–4:45–11:48)
B2. “Adea” (6:21)

Hans Koller — soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone, producer
Wolfgang Dauner — piano, electric piano, synthesizer, Nagoya Harp
Zbigniew Seifert — violin, alto saxophone
Adelhard Roidinger — bass, electric bass
Janusz Stefański — drums

Willi Fruth — director
Martin Wieland — engineer
Frieder Grindler — cover design, photography
Jörg Becker — photography

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