Gypsy ‎– In the Garden (1971)

In the Garden is the second album by American Latin-rock/psych band Gypsy, released in 1971 on Metromedia Records.

A1. “Around You” (5:27)
A2. “Reach Out Your Hand” (2:33)
A3. “As Far as You Can See (As Much as You Can Feel)” (12:09)
B1. “Here (In the Garden) Part One” (3:11)
B2. “Here (In the Garden) Part Two” (3:52)
B3. “Blind Man” (3:59)
B4. “Time Will Make It Better” (2:53)

Enrico Rosenbaum — guitar, vocals
James Walsh — keyboards, vocals
James Johnson — guitar, vocals
Bill Lordan — drums
Willie Weeks — bass
Joe Lala — percussion

Produced by Clark Burroughs

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