Griffin ‎– Flight of the Griffin (1984)

Flight of the Griffin is the first of two albums by Bay Area metal band Griffin, released in 1984 on Shrapnel.

A1. “Hawk the Slayer” (4:20)
A2. “Heavy Metal Attack” (5:05)
A3. “Submission” (4:13)
A4. “Creeper” (4:01)
A5. “Flight of the Griffin” (6:07)
B1. “Fire in the Sky” (4:45)
B2. “Hell Runneth Over” (3:37)
B3. “Judgement Day” (4:22)
B4. “Travelling in Time” (5:19)

Bass Guitar – Thomas ‘Hawk’ Sprayberry
Vocals – William Rodrick McKay
Drums – Rick Wagner
Lead Guitar, Rhythm Guitar – Rick Cooper, Yaz

Cover [Front] – Lionel Baker II
Layout [Cover Layout] – Bret Linford
Lyrics By – Thomas ‘Hawk’ Sprayberry
Photography By – Joe Martino
Engineer – Mark Lyon
Producer – Mark Lyon, Rick Wagner, Thomas ‘Hawk’ Sprayberry
All Songs Written By – Flight of the Griffin

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