Graphic ‎– Baysongs (1985)

Baysongs is the singular album by American pop/rock quartet Graphic, self-released in 1985 with the catalogue number Bay-1-A. The four members are credited solely by their first names on this release.

Someday You’ll Look Back” ocean sounds.. soft piano and e-bow guitar in D-minor 1-7-3-1 male/female harmonies… soft bass and open-symbol time the precedings… 2:33 the cadence tightens with a mid-paced backbeat…. lyrical guitar sustains grow in prominence…. 3:18 the cadence closes with a brisk up-tempo against a progression of E-C-D-C… searing, fluid guitar soiling rides out the final three minutes.

“The City” D-minor octave piano figure in 6/4 over a jumpy downbeat… sizzling guitar flourishes… light organ sustains… smooth, spiraling woodwinds

“Medieval Daydream” two bars of 3/4 and a bar of 2/4 in D♯… airy piano and vocals… billowing sax, circular ivory, stop/start rhythmic patterns…

“Jacquie” turgid A/Ebar-chord in 4/4… hazy vocals, held syllables at half the speed of the confident up-tempo… billowing sax, unfurling keys,, and smoldering fuzz licks

“Transition” cymbal mist, side tap, kick drum…. D-minor progression 1-5-7… clickety precision, flowing ivory… 3:14 cadence tightens… assertive saxophone assumes the theme… jerky, asymmetric bridge doubles up the pace amid swirling synth colors.

“Nothing Ever Happens to the Good Guys” tight muted strum, restrained ivory accents in D-minor/B/C/G… jumbled vocal cadences

A1. “In a Different World” (2:56)
A2. “The Hour Has Come” (3:00)
A3. “The Cast” (3:28)
A4. “Medieval Daydream” (2:51)
A5. “Someday You’ll Look Back” (6:12)
B1. “Jacquie” (3:23)
B2. “Transition” (4:49)
B3. “The Baysongs” (4:18)
B4. “Nothing Ever Happens to the Good Guys” (3:10)
B5. “The City” (4:01)

Dan – Bass
Larry – Drums
Tom – Keyboards
Nick – Vocals

Lyrics By – John Hanneman, Tom Baha
Music By – Tom Baha

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