Gordon Haskell ‎– It Is and It Isn’t (1971)

It Is and It Isn’t is the second solo album by English musician/songwriter Gordon Haskell, released in 1971 on Atco.

A1. “No Meaning” (3:25)
A2. “Could Be” (3:16)
A3. “Upside Down” (4:28)
A4. “Just a Lovely Day” (4:56)
A5. “Sitting by the Fire” (3:41)
A6. “When I Lose” (0:18)
B1. “No Need” (2:46)
B2. “Worms” (4:40)
B3. “Spider” (4:15)
B4. “Learning Not to Feel” (2:33)
B5. “Benny” (4:46)
B6. “When I Laugh” (0:25)

Gordon Haskell — lead vocals, acoustic guitar, writer
John Wetton — bass, organ, harmony vocals
Alan Barry — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, lead guitar
Dave Kaffinetti — piano, electric piano
Bill Atkinson — drums
Arif Mardin — producer, horn arrangements, string arrangements, remixer, electric piano
Richard Dodd — engineer
Richard Digby Smith — engineer
Jimmy Douglass — engineer
Dave Hunt — engineer
David Spinoza — rhythm guitar
Neal Rosengarden — piano
Eddie Brigati — backing vocals
David Brigati — backing vocals

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