Gonzalez ‎– Gonzalez (1974)

Gonzalez is the debut album by the namesake Latin/jazz-funk/soul operaterative, released in 1974 on EMI.

A1. “Pack It Up” (4:28)
A2. “Clapham South” (4:04)
A3. “No Way” (3:31)
A4. “Adelanto Nightride” (3:29)
A5. “Underground Railroad” (3:54)
B1. “Gonzalez” (4:58)
B2. “Together Forever” (4:53)
B3. “Saoco” (6:47)
B4. “Funky Frith Street” (1:29)

Michael Eve — tenor saxophone
Steve Gregory — flute, soprano saxophone, tenor saxophone
Bud Beadle — flute, soprano saxophone, baritone saxophone
Roy Davies — electric piano, Clavinet, piano
Glen LeFleur — drums
Richard Bailey — drums, tablas
George Chandler — lead vocals
Chris Mercer — tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, saxophone
Ron Carthy — trumpet
Lisle Harper — bass guitar
Gordon Hunte — lead guitar
Alan Sharpe — congas, percussion
Bobby John — percussion

Neil Harrison — producer
Tony Clarke — engineer
Rhett Davies — engineer
John Burns — engineer

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