Golpes Bajos ‎– A Santa Compaña (1984)

A Santa Compaña is the first of two full-length albums by Spanish New Wave/sophisti-pop band Golpes Bajos, released in 1984 on Nuevos Medios.

A1. “Escenas olvidadas” (4:08)
A2. “Hazme un nueve” (3:09)
A3. “Hansel y Gretel” (2:31)
A4. “Colecciono moscas” (4:38)
B1. “A Santa Compaña” (3:15)
B2. “Cena recalentada” (3:34)
B3. “Come prima” (2:15)
B4. “La reclusa” (3:24)
B5. “Fiesta de los maniquíes” (3:16)

Germán Coppini — lead vocals, percussion
Teo Cardalda — piano, guitar, drums, synthesizer, percussion, backing vocals, producer
Pablo Novoa — piano, guitar, synthesizer, Fairlight, percussion, producer
Luis García — bass

Luis Fernández Soria — engineer, producer

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