Goliath ‎– Goliath (1970)

Goliath is the only album by the namesake Mancunian jazz-rock band, released in 1970 on CBS.

A1. “Port and Lemon Lady” (4:05)
A2. “Festival of Light” (4:58)
A3. “No More Trash” (3:43)
A4. “Hunter’s Song” (9:54)
B1. “Men” (3:43)
B2. “I Heard About a Friend” (4:31)
B3. “Prism” (6:06)
B4. “Emerge, Breath, Sunshine, Dandelion” (3:32)
B5. “Maajun (A Taste of Tangier)” (4:30)

Linda Rothwell — vocals, writer
Malcolm Grundy — guitar, writer
Joseph Rosbotham — flute, tenor saxophone
Eric Eastman — drums, percussion, vibraphone
John Williamson — bass, writer
Mike FitzHenry — engineer

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