Godley & Creme ‎– L (1978)

L is the first concise album by Mancunian art-pop duo Kevin Godley and Lol Creme, released in 1978 on Mercury/Polydor.

A1. “The Sporting Life” (7:25)
A2. “Sandwiches of You” (3:17)
A3. “Art School Canteen” (3:00)
A4. “Group Life” (4:11)
B1. “Punchbag” (4:44)
B2. “Foreign Accents” (4:37)
B3. “Hit Factory / Business Is Business” (7:08)

Kevin Godley — drums, vocals, xylophone, roto-toms, percussion, congas, triangle, bass, Clavinet, hi-hat, snare drum, bongos, writer, producer
Lol Creme — piano, Rhodes, guitar, bass, motorized device, vocals, farfisa organ, 12 string acoustic guitar, acoustic bass, Clavinet, writer, producer
Godley & Creme — arrangements, brass arrangements
Nigel Gray — engineer
Chris Gray — engineer
Melvyn Abrahams — mastering
Sally Fear — photography
Hothouse — art, design
Alan Schmidt — art direction
Paul Gambaccini — voice
Jonathan Handelsman — alto saxophone, soprano saxophone
Andy Mackay — tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, baritone saxophone, soprano saxophone

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