Goblin – Roller (1976)

Roller is an album by Italian instrumental band Goblin, released in 1976 on Cinevox. The album is one of the few non-soundtrack recordings that the band — alternately known as Cherry Five and Il Reale Impero Britannico — released under the Goblin nameplate.

A1. “Roller” (4:41)
A2. “Aquaman” (5:24)
A3. “Snip Snap” (3:38)
A4. “Il risveglio del serpente” (3:31)
B1. “Goblin” (11:09)
B2. “Dr. Frankenstein” (5:55 — :07–3:44 | 3:50–5:50)

1976 shortplayer:
A. “Chi?” / B. “Chi? (Parte seconda)

Massimo Morante — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, songwriter
Claudio Simonetti — Minimoog, organ, electric organ, piano, Clavinet, keyboard, songwriter
Maurizio Guarini — Moog, piano, fender rhodes electric piano, songwriter
Fabio Pignatelli — bass, songwriter
Agostino Marangolo — drums, percussion

Carlo Bixio — artistic director
Giorgio Agazzi — engineer

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