Goblin ‎– Patrick (1979)

Patrick is a soundtrack album by Italian instrumental band Goblin, released in 1979 on Cinevox.

A1. “Patrick” (4:18)
A2. “Transmute” (2:25)
A3. “Bagliori di luce” (2:30)
A4. “Visioni” (2:21)
A5. “Snip Snap” (3:37)
B1. “Metamorfosi” (2:18)
B2. “Follie” (3:47)
B3. “Vibrazioni” (3:18)
B4. “Metamorfosi 2 parte” (2:31)
B5. “Yell” (3:38)

Acoustic Guitar – Fabio Pignatelli
Bass – Fabio Pignatelli
Drums – Agostino Marangolo
Guitar – Carlo Pennisi
Keyboards – Antonio Marangolo, Maurizio Guarini
Percussion – Agostino Marangolo

Producer – Yasuhiro Wada

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