Glamour ‎– Imágenes (1981)

Imágenes is the first of two albums by Spanish modernist New Wave band Glamour, released in 1981 on International Polydor Production.

A1. “Imágenes” (3:38)
A2. “Danza de máscaras” (2:54)
A3. “Ella quiere más” (3:45)
A4. “No llores junto al estéreo” (3:28)
A5. “No tienes fé” (3:55)
B1. “En soledad” (3:39)
B2. “Ríes y callas” (3:19)
B3. “Glamour” (2:37)
B4. “Ya no vas a regresar” (2:42)
B5. “Mirando la pared” (3:37)
B6. “Aventura solitaria” (2:35)

Luis Badenes — vocals, backing vocals, writer
Remy Carreres — bass, vocals, backing vocals, writer
Adolfo Barberá — guitar, writer
José Payá — drums, percussion, backing vocals, writer
José Luis Macías — keyboards, piano, writer

Esteban C. Leivas — producer, writer

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