Gillan ‎– Future Shock (1981)

Future Shock is the fourth studio album by English hard-rock/metal band Gillan, released in 1981 on Virgin.

A1. “Future Shock” (3:06)
A2. “Nightride Out of Phoenix” (5:06)
A3. “(The Ballad Of) The Lucitania Express” (3:10)
A4. “No Laughing in Heaven” (4:58)
A5. “Sacre Bleu” (3:03)
A6. “New Orleans” (2:37)
B1. “Bite the Bullet” (4:50)
B2. “If I Sing Softly” (6:10)
B3. “Don’t Want the Truth” (5:40)
B4. “For Your Dreams” (5:04)

Ian Gillan – Lead vocals
Colin Towns – Keyboard
John McCoy – Bass
Bernie Tormé – Guitar
Mick Underwood – Drums

Produced by K.R.
Engineered by Paul Watkins

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