Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson – Bridges (1977)

Bridges is an album by American jazz-funk/soul duo Gil Scott-Heron and Brian Jackson, released in 1977 on Arista. The album is the pair’s sixth collaborative studio effort and their fifth co-headlining release.

A1. “Hello Sunday! Hello Road!” (3:37)
A2. “Song of the Wind” (3:53)
A3. “Racetrack in France” (4:15)
A4. “Vildgolia (Deaf, Dumb & Blind)” (7:41)
B1. “Under the Hammer” (3:59)
B2. “We Almost Lost Detroit” (5:19)
B3. “Tuskeegee #626” (0:33)
B4. “Delta Man (Where I’m Coming From)” (5:45)
B5. “95 South (All of the Places We’ve Been)” (4:15)

Gil Scott-Heron — lyrics, producer, vocals, music, piano
Brian Jackson — music, lyrics, vocals, keyboards, producer
Barnett Williams — djembe, congas, bongos, shekere, triangle
Marlo Henderson — guitar
Josef Blocker — drums
Bilal Sunni-Ali — tenor saxophone, bass clarinet
Delbert Taylor — trumpet
Tony Duncanson — timbales, percussion
Danny Bowens — bass
Reggie Brisbane — drums
Fred Payne — guitars

Larry Fallon — associate producer
Tom Wilson — associate producer
Malcolm Cecil — recording engineer, mixing, assistant producer, programming
Dion — assistant engineer
Steve Feldman — art direction
Myron Polenberg — art direction
Stan Zagorski — illustration

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