Gianni Safred ‎– Futuribile the Life to Come (1978)

Futuribile the Life to Come is an electro/space-funk album by Italian keyboardist/composer Gianni Safred, released in 1978 on library music label Music Scene.

A1. “The Life to Come” (3:07)
A2. “Disco Satellite” (3:18)
A3. “Autumn 2001” (3:42)
A4. “Disco Propulsion” (3:04)
A5. “Robot Party” (2:59)
A6. “Last Rain” (4:14)
B1. “Supermind” (4:33)
B2. “Unexplored World” (3:02)
B3. “Electronic Brain” (3:05)
B4. “Jazz Computer” (3:05)
B5. “Future City Traffic” (3:02)
B6. “Machines for Ever” (3:05)

Concept By [Conceived By], Recorded By, Synthesizer [Minimoog, Polymoog, ARP Odyssey, ARP Omni], Electric Piano [Fender], Sequenced By [Sequencer Roland], Effects [Space Echo Roland] – Gianni Safred

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