Gerry Rafferty ‎– City to City (1978)

City to City is the second solo album by Scottish folk/pop musician/songwriter Gerry Rafferty, released in 1978 on United Artists.

A1. “The Ark” (5:40)
A2. “Baker Street” (6:11)*
A3. “Right Down the Line” (4:32)
A4. “City to City” (5:06)
A5. “Stealin’ Time” (6:06)
B1. “Mattie’s Rag” (3:30)
B2. “Whatever’s Written in Your Heart” (6:40)
B3. “Home and Dry” (4:59)
B4. “Island” (5:22)
B5. “Waiting for the Day” (5:40)

*b-side: “Big Change in the Weather”  (5:35)

Gerry Rafferty – piano, acoustic guitar, vocals, backing vocals
Tommy Eyre – piano, Fender Rhodes, Moog synthesizer, Hammond organ, ARP String Ensemble, keyboards, brass arrangements
Jerry Donahue – lead guitar, rhythm guitar, electric guitar on track 1
Hugh Burns – lead guitar, rhythm guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar on tracks 2–5, 8–10
Nigel Jenkins – lead guitar, rhythm guitar, electric guitar on tracks 2, 8
Andy Fairweather-Low – rhythm guitar, electric guitar on track 10
Micky Moody – acoustic guitar on track 5
Brian Cole – steel guitar, dobro on tracks 3–6, 9
Gary Taylor – bass guitar, backing vocals on tracks 1–6, 8–10
Graham Preskett – fiddle, mandolin, ARP, synthesizer, string machine, string, brass, arrangements on tracks 1–2, 4–6, 8, 10
Henry Spinetti – drums on tracks 1–6, 8, 10
Glen LeFleur – drums, percussion, tambourine on tracks 1–3, 5, 9–10
Barbara Dickson – backing vocals on tracks 1 and 7
Raphael Ravenscroft – saxophone on tracks 2 and 9
Roger Brown, Vivian McAuliff, John McBurnie, Rab Noakes – backing vocals (A4)
Paul Jones – harmonica on track 4
Hugh Murphy – tambourine on track 4
Willy Ray – accordion on tracks 6 and 9
Joanna Carlin – backing vocals on track 7

Producer — Hugh Murphy and Gerry Rafferty

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