George Jinda ‎– The Wheel of Love (1975)

The Wheel of Love is an avant-garde/jazz-rock album by Hungarian percussionist/composer George Jinda, recorded with French Zeuhl musicians and released in 1975 on Motors.

A1. “American Vogue” (2:07)
A2. “Funky Daddy” (4:40)
A3. “The Wheel of Love” (4:07)
A4. “Goodbye Louis” (4:16)
A5. “Dividing” (3:08)
B1. “Nostalgia” (3:40)
B2. “Funny Side of the Strut” (3:49)
B3. “Absolution” (3:15)
B4. “Open Bridge” (1:20)
B5. “Dead Pan” (3:10)
B6. “American Vogue n° 2” (2:05)

George Jinda — drums, percussion, composer, producer
Jean-Louis Bucchi — keyboards, synthesizer, composer, arranger
Didier Batard — bass, fuzz, phaser, composer
Pascal Bournet — guitar
Jeff Seffer — saxophone, flute, composer
Tiboom — percussion, congas, bongos
Alain Wisniak — synthesizer, recording engineer
Jean-Louis Bentolina — recording engineer
Michel Adda — photography
César Andreini — artwork

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