George Duke ‎– Save the Country (1970)

Save the Country is the debut album by American jazz-funk keyboardist George Duke, released in 1970 on Liberty.

“Shades of Joy”… trumpets blare right out of the gate, swinging big band vibe… piano run commences @:35, Duke takes control, goes from speedy ivory runs to blockier keys… fluid trumpet enters @ around 1:30 for a 45-second spotlight… Sax follows at 2:13,billowing to blaring … main them recommences @3:20… drum/piano spotlight hits at around 4:10, marked by free runs…
“Alcatraz” – Dm Fender Rhodes riff doubled with thick electric bass…acid rock/jazz crossover (Bitches Brew, Devotion feel)… shards of electric guitar piercing in… acidic, wailing, sustained-note solo commences around 1:15…. Cymbal-laden drums… guitar (Jay Gradon) becomes evermore fractious and scaly… main theme reesserts around 3:10…2-bar figure… ends on six=zzling rock strings

A1. “Save The Country” (3:35)
A2. “Soul Watcher” (6:14)
A3. “Since You Asked” (3:38)
A4. “Shades Of Joy” (5:01)
B1. “Come Together” (2:56)
B2. “Games People Play” (2:40)
B3. “Alcatraz” (4:07)
B4. “The Woman Who Sends Me Home” (3:59)
B5. “A Little Bit Of Seven” (2:42)

Artwork – Mike Nakai
Bass – John Heard
Design [Album Design] – Woody Woodward
Drums – Richard Berk
Electric Piano – George Duke
Engineer – Bert Agudelo, Dino Lappas
Flute – Ernie Watts
Guitar – Jay Graydon
Liner Notes – Ralph J. Gleason
Piano – George Duke
Producer – Richard Bock
Saxophone – Ernie Watts
Trombone – Ernie Tack, Glenn Ferris
Trumpet – Charles Findley*, Jay Daversa

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