George Duke ‎– A Brazilian Love Affair (1980)

A Brazilian Love Affair is the fourteenth studio album by American jazz-funk keyboardist George Duke, released in 1980 on Epic.

A1. “Brazilian Love Affair” (7:22)
A2. “Summer Breezin’” (4:48)
A3. “Cravo e Canela” (3:05)
A4. “Alone-6 AM” (1:07)
A5. “Brazilian Sugar” (5:33)
B1. “Sugar Loaf Mountain” (4:09)
B2. “Love Reborn” (4:27)
B3. “Up From the Sea It Arose and Ate Rio in One Swift Bite” (5:22)
B4. “I Need You Now” (4:42)
B5. “Ao que Vai Nascer” (3:27)

George Duke — vocals, electric piano, synthesizer, lead vocals, bells, Minimoog, vibraphone, grand piano, producer
Byron Miller — bass
Ricky Lawson — drums
Airto Moreira — percussion, shaker, tambourine, surdo
Roland Bautista — guitar, electric guitar
Roberto Silva — drums, caxixi, agogo, talking drum, tambourine
Toninho Horta — acoustic guitar, electric guitar
Chico Batera — percussion, ganza, triangle, conga, tambourine, chekere, caxixi, bongos, agogo, castanets
Jerry Hey — flugelhorn, trumpet
William Reichenbach — trombone
Larry Williams — tenor saxophone, alto saxophone
Josie James — vocal
Lynn Davis — vocal
Milton Nascimento — vocals, acoustic guitar
Jamil Joanes — bass
Lucinha Lins — vocals
Zéluiz — vocals
Flávio Faria — vocals
Lúcia Turnbull — vocals
Raul de Souza — trombone
Flora Purim — vocal
Sheila Escovedo — timbales, chimes, cowbell, bongos, caxixi
Simone — lead vocals

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