George Adams ‎– Sound Suggestions (1979)

Sound Suggestions is an album by American free-jazz saxophonist George Adams, released in 1979 on ECM.

A1. “Baba” (12:56)
A2. “Imani’s Dance” (10:56)
B1. “Stay Informed” (8:01)
B2. “Got Somethin’ Good for You” (5:39)
B3. “A Spire” (8:08)

George Adams — tenor saxophone, vocals, composer
Kenny Wheeler — trumpet, flugelhorn, composer
Heinz Sauer — tenor saxophone, composer
Richie Beirach — piano
Dave Holland — bass
Jack DeJohnette — drums

Manfred Eicher — producer
Martin Wieland — engineer
Frieder Grindler — photography, design
Signe Mähler — photography

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