Gentle Giant ‎– Acquiring the Taste (1971)

Acquiring the Taste is the second album by English art-rock sextet Gentle Giant, released in 1971 on the Vertigo “swirl” label.

A1. Pantagruel’s Nativity (6:49)
A2. Edge of Twilight (3:48)
A3. The House, the Street, the Room (6:04)
A4. Acquiring the Taste (1:36)
B1. Wreck (4:37)
B2. The Moon Is Down (4:45)
B3. Black Cat (3:53)
B4. Plain Truth (7:42)

Phil Shulman — tenor saxophone, alto saxophone, trumpet, clarinet, piano, claves, maracas, vocals, lead vocals, writer
Kerry Minnear — piano, electric piano, Moog, organ, harpsichord, clavichord, celeste, Mellotron, cello, timpani, xylophone, vibraphone, maracas, tambourine, vocals, lead vocals, writer
Ray Shulman — bass, violin, electric violin, viola, 12 string guitar, organ, bass pedals, Spanish guitar, tambourine, vocals, writer
Derek Shulman — alto saxophone, clavichord, cowbell, vocals, lead vocals, writer
Gary Green — guitar, 12 string guitar, wah-wah, bass, bones, voice
Martin Smith — drums, gong, side drum, tambourine

Tony Visconti — producer, recorder, bass drum, triangle
Gentle Giant — arranger
Chris Thomas — programming
Paul Cosh — trumpet, organ

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