Genesis – Genesis (1983)

Genesis — alternately referred to as “Shapes” — is the twelfth studio album by the English modern-rock trio of the same name, released in 1983 on Atlantic Records.

1. Mama (6:47)
2. That’s All (4:26)
3. Home by the Sea (4:52)
4. Second Home by the Sea (6:22)
5. Illegal Alien (5:15)
6. Taking It All Too Hard (3:58)
7. Just a Job to Do (4:47)
8. Silver Rainbow (4:29)
9. It’s Gonna Get Better (4:58)

Phil Collins — drums, percussion, lead vocals, writer
Mike Rutherford — guitar, bass, backing vocals, writer
Tony Banks — keyboards, backing vocals, writer

Hugh Padgham — producer, engineer

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