Genesis ‎– From Genesis to Revelation (1969)

From Genesis to Revelation is the 1969 debut album from English quintet Genesis. Recorded in 1968 while the teenage members were still enrolled at Charterhouse boarding school, the album was produced by eccentric pop maestro Jonathan King. Mood-wise, the album ranges from orchestral melodrama (“In the Wilderness”) and lithe romanticism (“One Day”) to haunting suspense (“The Serpent”) and anthemic glory (“In Limbo”, “The Conqueror”).


A1. Where the Sour Turns to Sweet
A2. In the Beginning
A3. Fireside Song
A4. The Serpent
A5. Am I Very Wrong
A6. In the Wilderness
B1. The Conqueror
B2. In Hiding
B3. One Day
B4. Window
B5. In Limbo
B6. Silent Sun
B7. A Place to Call My Own


Peter Gabriel – vocals, flute
Tony Banks – organ, piano, harmonies
Anthony Phillips – acoustic/electric guitars, harmonies
Mike Rutherford – bass, acoustic guitar, harmonies
John Silver – drums (A1–B5, B7)
Chris Stewart – drums (B6)

Jonathan King – production
Arthur Greenslade – string/brass arrangements

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