Genesis – Abacab (1981)

Abacab is the eleventh studio album by English modern-rock trio Genesis, released in 1981 on Atlantic.

A1. “AbacabBanks, Collins, Rutherford (6:58)
A2. “No Reply at AllBanks, Collins, Rutherford (4:33)
A3. “Me and Sarah JaneBanks (6:02)
A4. “Keep It DarkBanks, Collins, Rutherford (4:33)*
B1. “Dodo/LurkerBanks, Collins, Rutherford (7:31)
B2. “Who Dunnit?Banks, Collins, Rutherford (3:22)
B3. “Man on the CornerCollins (4:28)**
B4. “Like It or Not” Rutherford (4:58)
B5. “Another RecordBanks, Collins, Rutherford (4:38)


Session extras (released in 1982 on the 3×3 EP):
You Might Recall
“Me and Virgil”

Tony Banks – keyboards
Phil Collins – drums, vocals
Mike Rutherford – basses, guitars

EWF Horns – horns on “No Reply at All”
Hugh Padgham – engineer

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