Gate Way – Evening Colours (1975)

Evening Colours is an album by French musician Laurence Vanay and her folk/jazz combo Gate Way, released in 1975 on Galloway.

A1. “Alone in the Rain” (4:19)
A2. “Lover’s Prayer” (3:22)
A3. “Evening Colours” (2:57)
A4. “Morning Quiet Song” (3:18)
A5. “Walk Thru Tomorrow” (4:08)
B1. “Strange Moment” (2:33)
B2. “Twin Cities” (3:25)
B3. “Forgotten Moments” (2:40)
B4. “Eyes Closed on the Way” (3:41)
B5. “Underwater Light Reflections” (4:09)
B6. “Sunshine in My Heart” (3:34)

Serge Derrien — guitar, vocal
Jean Chevalier — drums, percussion
Pascal Massé — bass
Laurence Vanay — piano, electric piano, synthesizer, Hammond organ, guitar, vocal

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