Gary Numan ‎– Dance (1981)

Dance is the fifth album by Gary Numan, released in 1981 on Beggars Banquet/Atco.

A1. “Slowcar to China” (9:07)
A2. “Night Talk” (4:30)
A3. “A Subway Called ‘You’” (4:41)
A4. “Cry the Clock Said” (9:59)
B1. “She’s Got Claws” (5:00)
B2. “Crash” (3:41)
B3. “Boys Like Me” (4:17)
B4. “Stories” (3:13)
B5. “My Brother’s Time” (4:38)
B6. “You Are, You Are” (4:04)
B7. “Moral” (4:34)

Gary Numan — vocals, keyboards, songwriter, producer, piano, claves, electronic drums, synthesizer, bass
Mick Karn — bass guitar, saxophone
Chris Payne — viola
Nash the Slash — violin
Tim Steggles — percussion
Sean Lynch — electronic drums
Paul Gardiner — guitar, keyboards
Cedric Sharpley — drums
John Webb — keyboards, hand claps, electronic drums
Roger Taylor — drums, tom toms
Rob Dean — guitar
Mick Prague — bass
Roger Mason — keyboards
Connie Filapello — backing vocals
Jess Lidyard — drums

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