Gary Myrick and the Figures ‎– Gary Myrick and the Figures (1980)

Gary Myrick and the Figure is the debut album by the namesake American New Wave/modern-rock band, released in 1980 on Epic.

A1. “Living Disaster” (2:34)
A2. “Ever Since the World Began” (4:09)
A3. “She Talks in Stereo” (3:59)
A4. “Model” (3:43)
A5. “She’s So Teenage” (4:35)
B1. “You” (3:10)
B2. “The Party” (4:04)
B3. “Meaningless” (3:07)
B4. “Who’ll Be the Next in Line” (3:19)
B5. “Deep in the Heartland” (3:37)

Bass – David Dennard
Drums – Jack White
Keyboards – Ed Beyer
Producer, Vocals, Guitar – Gary Myrick

Producer – Tom Werman

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