Gary Moore ‎– Run for Cover (1985)

Run for Cover is the sixth solo album by Irish guitarist/vocalist Gary Moore, released in 1985 on Virgin-subsidiary Ten.

A1. Run for Cover (4:10)
A2. Reach for the Sky (4:46)
A3. Military Man (5:40)
A4. Empty Rooms (4:20)
B1. Out in the Fields (4:14)
B2. Nothing to Lose (4:42)
B3. Once in a Lifetime (4:20)
B4. All Messed Up (4:52)
B5. Listen to Your Heartbeat* (4:34)

*7″ b-side Out of My System

Gary Moore — lead vocals, guitar, backing vocals, writer, producer
Gary Ferguson — drums
Glenn Hughes — bass, lead vocals
Andy Richards — keyboards
Neil Carter — backing vocals, keyboards, writer
Charlie Morgan — drums
Philip Lynott — lead vocals, bass, vocals, backing vocals, writer
Don Airey — keyboards
James (Jimbo) Barton — drum, samples, remixer, assistant producer, engineer
Paul Thompson — drums
Bob Daisley — bass
Andy Johns — producer
Peter Collins — producer
Beau Hill — producer

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