Futuro Antico ‎– Dai Primitivi All’Elettronica (1980)

Dai Primitivi All’Elettronica is an album by Italian avant-garde combo Futuro Antico, recorded in July 1980 and released a decade later on Casal Gajardo Records. The album crosses experimental drone music with electronic minimalism and percussive maximalism. It was recorded two months after their self-pressed eponymous cassette.

“Piano Synt” starts with sparkling piano filigree on the high reaches of Dm. The piece drops two octaves as slow, oozing synths beam in and out amid further ivory runs. Halfway through, the density clears for a two-handed duel of mid-range chording. The high-end filigree slowly returns with increased echo as the track approaches fadeout.

On “Sinikorò Kumà,” a swirling comet of marimba and kalimba notes are illuminated with subtle, twirly electronic effects. “Eco Raga” is four minutes of droning sitar in C flanked with billowing flute.

Glass-shattering metals herald “Concrete Music,” where idiophones sparkle amid a shifting backdrop of windy ambiance and percussive crescendos. “Oa Oa” materializes at 2:45 with a woodwind-laced kalimba figure in Dm. The section swells in density over the ensuing five minutes. Glowing electric piano tones enter around 7:45 as the layers gradually subside and then redouble. Tighter notes enter at 11:00 to challenge the trance-like textures but the overall framework persists until 15:20 when the instruments are engulfed by slow, dark winds.

A1. “Eco Raga” (3:56)
A2. “Piano Synt” (9:20)
A3. “Sinikorò Kumà” (3:07)
B1. “Concrete Music / Oa Oa” (16:40)
B2. “Suoni naturali / Ladak / Tagu – Tamu” (4:47)

Bongos [Bonghi (Marocco)], Temple Bells [Piatti Tibetani] – Riccardo Sinigaglia
Ektare [Ektar (India)], Idiophone [Bastone Sibilante (Amazzonia)], Bongos [Bonghi (India)], Congas [Conghe], Wood Block [Legni], Talking Drum [Tamburo Parlante (Africa)], Rattle [Sonagli] – Gabin Dabiré
Jew’s Harp [Arco A Bocca], Jew’s Harp [Maranzano], Flute [Flauto Doppio], Percussion [Jangro (Tamburo Himalaia)], Percussion [Semi], Effects [Richiami], Rattle [Sonagli] – Walter Maioli
Tar (Drum) [Tamburo] – Oiseau

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