Fulano ‎– Fulano (1987)

Fulano is the debut album by the namesake Chilean art-rock/jazz-rock band, released in 1987 on Alerce.

1. “Fulano” (5:51)
2. “Maquinarias” (4:24)
3. “Tango” (2:53)
4. “Fruto del Goce” (11:31 — 3:57-9:00-11:30)
5. “Suite Recoleta” (6:17)
6. “El Calcetin Perseguido” (2:42)
7. “1989 (O Esto No es Bueno Ni Malo Sino Muy por el Contrario)” (10:32)

Baritone Saxophone, Soprano Saxophone, Flute, Piccolo Flute, Voice – Cristian Crisosto
Clarinet, Voice – Louis Arlette
Drums – Guillermo Valenzuela
Electric Bass, Contrabass, Electric Guitar – Jorge Campos
Flute, Alto Saxophone, Voice – Jaime Vasquez
Piano, Synthesizer – Jaime Vivanco

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