Frode Thingnæs ‎– Feelin’ All Right (1974)

Feelin’ All Right is a solo album by veteran Norwegian jazz trombonist Frode Thingnæs, released in 1974 on Polydor.

A1. “Feelin’ All Right” (7:48)
A2. “Norwegian Folk Song: Mannen Han Gikk Seg Pâ Veaskog” (6:42)
A3. “Wheels” (4:19)
B1. “The Little Lion” (10:25)
B2. “Fink Finster
B3. “Axel” (6:58)

Frode Thingnaes — Trombones
Bjorn Johansen — Tenor Sax
Henryk Lysiak — Piano
Jan Erick Kongshaug — Guitar
Bjorn Jacobsen — Bass
Svein Erik Gaardvik — Drums
Ole Jacob Hansen — Percussion

Arne Monn-Iversen — Leader Strings (A1, A2, B1 & B3)
Finn Eriksen, Bernt Steen, Christian Beck — Trumpets (A1, A3 & B1)
Johan Bergli — Baritone Sax (A1, A3 & B1)

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