Frob – Frob (1976)

Frob is the sole album by German instrumental four-piece Frob, released in 1976. Coursing throughout this release are the searing scales of guitarist Philippe Caillat and the machine-gun fills of drummer Peter Meuffels.

“Flash” kicks off with a four-note bass gallop in D that is swiftly joined by snare-hyper drums, icy organ keys and the sizzling leads of Caillat, whose ascending hammer-on’s serve as the title-sake earworm.

The snare-bash that signals “Hektik” is tackled by a tritone-scaling fretboard motif that corrupts the key of F#. Schmits’ lean, primitive organ layers percolate over the rhythmically bombarded bridge. Richter tentatively climbs the scale, only to slide back down against the 12/4 pattern that carries out the soloists from 1:30 onward.

Further highlights include the scaly, organ-shimmering “Locomotive” and the bass-darting hi-hat groove of “Spaces.” Musically, the album is comparable to Coses Nostres by Iceberg, Strange New Flesh by Colosseum II, and the two albums by Dutch quartet Scope.

A1. Wassertropfen
A2. Spaces
A3. Calypso
A4. Spheres
B1. Flash
B2. Locomotive
B3. Hektik
B4. La Sieste

Philippe Caillat – guitar
Peter Meuffels – drums
Peter Schmits – keyboards
K.-D. Richter – bass

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