French TV ‎– After a Lengthy Silence (1987)

After a Lengthy Silence is the second album by Kentuckian avant-garde/jazz-rock combo French TV, released in 1987 on Y Records.

A1. “One of the Jones Boys” (3:12)
A2. “You Fool! You Broke the Yolks!” (4:23)
A3. “Friendly Enzymes” (6:10)
A4. “… And the Dead Dog Leaped Up and Flew Around the Room!” (6:50)
B1. “Go Like This” (13:02)
B2. “Vacilando” (9:10)

Bass – Mike Sary
Drums – Fenner Castner
Guitar, Acoustic Guitar – Artie Bratton (A1 to A4, B2)
Lead Guitar – Tom Browning (A2 to B1)
Saxophone, Clarinet – Clancy Dixon (A1 to B1)

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