Freddie Hubbard ‎– The Black Angel (1970)

The Black Angel is a jazz-funk album by American trumpeter Freddie Hubbard, released on Atlantic in 1970. It was recorded on May 16, 1969, at NYC’s Regency Sound Studios with keyboards by Kenny Barron.

“Coral Keys” Two-note bass figure by Reggie workman, modulates to trumpet theme… hazy, mellow vibe reminiscent of the late 1950s.. full-on cymbal spray, congas, alternately hummable/free-flowing trumpet theme… light piano accents… long resolving melody… Jimmy Spaulding enters with flute @2:45, 45 second solo… Kenny Barron piano takes spotlight 1 3:30, alternates between light and fluid runs… Freddie reasserts at 4:15…
“Getting’ Down” Uptempo two-note drop… unison riff between Hubbard and saxist Spaulding… melody slightly reminiscent of “Take Five”… sax soars outward @1:50, flutters and wails for the next two minutes, breaking the structure in places… drumming more tom/snare-loaded, long-underpinning glistening Fender Rhodes emerges at 4:25 .. standup bass solo @ 5:00… sax/trumpet them recapitulates for final 60 seconds.

A1. “Spacetrack” (16:57)
A2. “Eclipse” (8:16)
B1. “The Black Angel” (8:17)
B2. “Gittin’ Down” (6:37)
B3. “Coral Keys” (5:20)

Freddie Hubbard – trumpet, composition (A1, A2, B2)
Kenny Barron – piano, Fender Rhodes, composition (B1)
Jimmy Spaulding – alto saxophone, flute
Reggie Workman – bass
Carlos “Potato” Valdes* – congas, maracas
Louis Hayes – drums

Gil Fuller – production

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