Freda Payne – Out of Payne Comes Love (1975)

Out of Payne Comes Love is the eighth album by American soul/pop singer Freda Payne, released in 1975 on ABC.

A1. “Look What I Found” (3:50)
A2. “I Hear Rumors” (3:47)
A3. “You” (3:42)
A4. “Keep It Coming” (3:17)
A5. “Seems So Long” (3:55)
B1. “You Brought the Woman out of Me” (3:25)
B2. “(See Me) One Last Time” (4:59)
B3. “Lost in Love” (3:55)
B4. “Million Dollar Horse” (5:32)

Ron Stockert — piano, fender rhodes, organ, Moog, Clavinet, arp solina string ensemble, synthesizer, string arrangements, horn arrangements
Dennis Belfield — bass
Scott Edwards — bass
Johnny Bond — string bass
Ben Benay — electric guitar, acoustic guitar, rhythm guitar, guitar, horn arrangements
Mickey McMeel — drums
Ollie Brown — drums
Jimmy Benso — electric guitar, rhythm guitar, guitar, percussion
Gavin Christopher — percussion, congas
Gary Monaco — percussion
Vic Feldman — vibraphone, flapamba
John Klemmer — saxophone
Brooks Hunnicutt — backing vocals
Tish Coulter — backing vocals
Lisa Freeman Roberts — backing vocals
Maxine Willard — backing vocals
Jay Gruska — backing vocals
Jimmie Haskell — string arrangements

Bob Monaco — producer
Howard Gale — engineer
Phil Cross — mastering
Earl R. Klasky — design
Antonín Kratochvíl — photography

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