Fred Israel ‎– Fashions of the Moon (1977)

Fashions of the Moon is an album credited to American composer Fred Israel, recorded with Danish jazz-rock musicians and released in 1977 on Hookfarm.

A. “Message in a Bottle” (19:30 — :01–5:05–7:35–10:20 | 10:40–12:38–15:58–19:20)
B1. “Fashions” (11:30)
B2. “Gandalf’s Return” (9:55)

Bass – Bronislav Suchanek (B1, B2), Jon Albrink (A)
Drums – Jules Moss (A), Sjunne Ferger (B1, B2)
Electric Bass – Hans Larson (B1, B2)
Guitar – Max Åhman (B1, B2)
Percussion – Stuart Ellis (B1, B2)
Strings – Jan Kaspersen (B1, B2)

Engineer – Robert Birkeland, Robert Cornford
Mixed By – Ole Hansen

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