Fred Frith ‎– Gravity (1980)

Gravity is the first proper solo album by English avant-garde guitarist/composer Fred Frith, released in 1980 on Ralph Records.

A1. “The Boy Beats the Rams (Kluk tluče berany)” (4:54)
A2. “Spring Any Day Now” (3:04)
A3. “Don’t Cry for Me” (3:28)
A4. “Hands of the Juggler” (5:31)
A5. “Norrgården Nyvla” (2:54)
A6. “Year of the Monkey” (4:11)
B1. “What a Dilemma” (3:11)
B2. “Crack in the Concrete” (1:24)
B3. “Come Across” (2:47)
B4. “Dancing in the Street / My Enemy Is a Bad Man” (4:42)
B5. “Slap Dance” (2:32)
B6. “A Career in Real Estate” (4:42)
B7. “Dancing in Rockville, Maryland” (3:04)

Fred Frith — bass, guitar, violin, producer, drums, keyboards, percussion
Marc Hollander — alto saxophone, bass clarinet, clarinet
Olivia Bruynhooghe — tap dancer, hand claps
Tina Curran — hand claps, performer, bass, photography
Etienne Conod — hand claps, producer, recording engineer
Alfreda Benge — cover art
David Newhouse — alto saxophone, organ
Aksak Maboul — performer
Hans Bruniusson — drums
Lars Hollmer — piano, organ, accordion
Catherine Jauniaux — hand claps, performer
Frank Wuyts — hand claps, performer, recorder, drums
Eino Haapala — guitar, mandolin
Chris Cutler — hand claps, snare drum, maracas
Denis Van Hecke — hand claps
Michel Berckmans — hand claps
Véronique Vincent — hand claps
Paul Sears — drums
Billy Swann — bass
Tom Scott — soprano saxophone, recording engineer
Gabriel Rosen — engineer
Colleen Scott — recording engineer

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