Frannie Golde – Frannie Golde (1976)

Frannie Golde is the first of three pop/vocal albums by industry songwriter Franne Golde, released in 1976 on Atlantic.

A1. “Love Is
A2. “I’m Hypnotized
A3. “Do You Want to Be a Dreamer (Dream On)
A4. “Time Has a Way (And It’s Getting Better)
A5. “All You Need Is Love
B1. “Just for Tonight
B2. “Stop (And Look Around)
B3. “Save Me (I’m Falling in Love Again)
B4. “I’m Going to Make It (Without You)
B5. “As Long as There’s Music

Frannie Golde — vocals, piano
Bobby Babbitt — bass
Howard Levy — percussion
Jo Ann Brown-El — backing vocals
Bernadene Davis — backing vocals
Jeff Mironov — guitar
Jeff Layton — guitar
Lance Quinn — guitar
Jerry Friedman — guitar
Jimmy Young — drums
Allan Schwartzberg — drums
Carlos Martin — percussion
George Devens — mallets, vibraphone
Dick Fox — percussion
Stephen Burns — piano
Jon Stroll — piano, keyboards, Clavinet
Jan Hruby — backing vocals
Fran Smith — vocals

Michael DeLugg — producer, mixing engineer, engineer
Bert de Coteaux — producer, arranger, orchestration
Tony Silvester — producer
Charlie Calello — producer, arranger, orchestration, mixing engineer
Jimmy Douglass — mixing engineer
Dennis Mayoff — mixing engineer

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