Frankie Goes to Hollywood ‎– Welcome to the Pleasuredome (1984)

Welcome to the Pleasuredome is the the first of two albums by Liverpudlian Modern-rock/performance-art act Frankie Goes to Hollywood, produced by Trevor Horn and released in 1984 on ZIT.




A1. “The World Is My Oyster” (1:59)
A2. “Welcome to the Pleasuredome” (13:41)
B1. “Relax” (3:57)
B2. “War” (6:13)
B3. “Two Tribes” (3:24)
C1. “Ferry” (1:49)
C2. “Born to Run” (3:57)
C3. “San Jose” (3:09)
C4. “Wish the Lads Were Here” (2:48)
C5. “The Ballad of 32” (4:48)
D1. “Krisco Kisses” (2:58)
D2. “Black Night White Light” (4:07)
D3. “The Only Star in Heaven” (4:16)
D4. “The Power of Love” (5:30)
D5. “Bang” (1:09)

Holly Johnson — lead vocals
Mark O’Toole — bass, vocals
Paul Rutherford — vocals
Brian Nash — guitar
Peter Gill — drums

Trevor C. Horn — producer
Steven Lipson — assistant producer, engineer, guitar
Stuart ‘Blushing’ Bruce — engineer
Jonathan Jeczalik — instrument technician
Andy Richards — keyboards
Louis Jardim — percussion
Anne Dudley — keyboards
Ian Cooper — mastering
XL of Poland Street — design
ZTT of Basing Street — design
Lawrence Cole — art

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