Frank Zappa – Hot Rats (1969)

Hot Rats is an album by American jazz-rock musician/composer Frank Zappa, released in 1969 on Bizarre/Reprise.

A1. “Peaches en regalia” (3:58)
A2. “Willie the Pimp” (9:25)
A3. “Son of Mr. Green Genes” (8:58)
B1. “Little Umbrellas” (3:09)
B2. “The Gumbo Variations” (12:55)
B3. “It Must Be a Camel” (5:18)

Frank Zappa — guitar, bass, percussion, writer, producer, director
Ian Underwood — piano, organ, flute, clarinet, saxophone
Dick Kunc — engineer
Jack Hunt — engineer
Cliff Goldstein — engineer
Brian Ingoldsby — engineer
Cal Schenkel — sleeve design
John Williams — sleeve design
Herb Cohen — manager
Bruce Linton — photography
Christine Frka — cover model
Captain Beefheart — vocals
Sugar Cane Harris — violin
Jean Luc Ponty — violin
John Guerin — drums
Max Bennett — bass
Shuggie Otis — bass
Paul Humphrey — drums
Ron Selico — drums

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