François Cahen & Didier Lockwood ‎– Thank You Friends (1978)

Thank You Friends is a collaborative album between Magma/Zao alumni François Cahen and Didier Lockwood, released in 1978 on Atlantic.

A1. “Thank You Joe” (4:30)
A2. “Merci Guy” (1:00)
A3. “Lettre ouverte a Mr Debussy” (8:15)
A4. “Obade a Jean Sebastien” (2:35)
B1. “Top Espace” (4:30)
B2. “From Bella to Keith” (11:20)
B3. “Rêves de musique” (3:50)

François Cahen — piano, electric piano, synthesizer
Didier Lockwood — electric violin, Mellotron, synthesizer

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